Workshops on health reporting for media industry

UNICEF and Thomson Reuters Foundation have recently completed the first round of workshops introducing participants to the fundamentals of public health reporting, with a specific focus on Routine Immunisation in India.

These three courses consisted of training for 30 journalists and 15 members of Indian Institute for Mass Communications’ faculty.

All participants were introduced to the concept of public health looking in particular at immunisation and mother and child health, alongside Indian case studies.  The curriculum also allowed the journalists time to get up to speed in the latest Critical Appraisal Skills thinking, and re-familiarise themselves with sourcing and journalism checklist conventions.  Finally, Training-the-trainer elements were built in throughout the course.  At the end of the workshop the journalists took ownership of the curriculum and, with new training skills, will be encouraged to continue to work with their networks to encourage more, responsible reporting on public health issues.

The workshop for IIMC faculty again focused on the fundamentals of public health reporting, with a focus on how to integrate the curriculum or build modules that would appeal to and reach the students, the future of Indian journalism.

These workshops were the first time that the curriculum, developed by the partners and a group of 15 senior Indian media leaders at a workshop in Jaipur in January, has been used.  The TRF trainers for these workshops were also supported by a number of these ‘core’ trainers following their own TOT sessions in Jaipur.  The feedback from all 60 participants in this programme has been extremely positive, and a number of stories have been produced as a result.

The partners will now continue to work with and support these journalists as they endeavour to improve the quality of health reporting across the country.