Uttar Pradesh chief minister calls for encephalitis surveillance akin to successful anti-polio drive

The chief minister of India’s Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, wants to introduce a surveillance strategy for the endemic encephalitis disease that plagues the state year after year, on the lines of the surveillance plan that was adopted when India was fighting the high incidence of polio. The ultimate elimination of polio from the country is attributed to a robust surveillance programme under which each case reported was monitored to confirm or deny the prevalence of the disease, and specific preventive and management strategies adopted. Uttar Pradesh’s children fall prey to encephalitis with seasonal regularity and most of the cases fall under a category of the disease whose root cause is not known and is treated only symptomatically.

Read more about how surveillance could help and what the World Health Organisation feels about it in this story by Shailvee Sharda of the Times of India, here: